Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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an exciting place to be

Faith, Understanding, Holiness, Service

We are a loving community in which people come to personal faith in Jesus Christ and worship him as Lord and Saviour. We foster growth in understanding of the gospel, and opportunities to put this into practice through growth in holiness and practical service. Prayer, Bible study and the Holy Spirit’s guidance undergird all that we do.

Inclusive Invitation

We extend an inclusive invitation to all people and seek to incorporate them into parish life, enabling them to hear and receive what God offers us through Jesus. Everyone has gifts and talents to contribute. Our building is available for community groups.


Parishioners are encouraged to express their Christian belief and church involvement in their daily lives. We seek to develop confidence in personal evangelism. Our personal and corporate communication witnesses to Holy Trinity’s purpose and encourages exploration of this.

Worship Services

Our worship services are accessible whilst presenting the comfort and challenge of God’s message to us in the Bible. Each month we engage with a rich variety of worship forms within the Anglican liturgical tradition. As part of our invitation to families, we offer a Quiet Room, children’s church and children’s activity bags.


We facilitate connection between parishioners. Name badges are available and can help both newcomers and long-time parishioners. After-service lunch and coffee hour are a feature of parish life. Periodic social events draw in Holy Trinity’s wider circle of affiliation. Film & Faith evenings are an example of combining fellowship with teaching.

Holistic Small Groups

We are developing holistic small groups and hope that parishioners will join at least one. Examples include Cell Groups, the Tumaini Group, Share and Prayer, Chancel Guild, Choir/Music, Men’s Group, Coffee and Lunch Teams, Sunday School, and Bible Study Group. We aim for the Parish Council to go beyond being merely a committee holding business meetings. We have an adult Christian education programme that includes courses and one-off events.

On October 30th 2005 Holy Trinitys Vestry affirmed its allegiance to the biblical orthodoxy upheld by Anglican Essentials Canada, as it is defined by and centred on the classic formularies of the Anglican tradition, including the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal, the 39 Articles of Religion and the Solemn Declaration of 1893.

Holy Trinity is affiliated with the Anglican Communion Alliance in Canada.

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