Services resume Thursday 17th June.

We warmly invite you to join us for worship on Sundays. Each month we engage with a rich variety of worship forms within the Anglican liturgical tradition.

10:30 am

Followed by Coffee Hour

1st Sunday The Gathering 
Contemporary Worship

2nd Sunday Prayer Book Morning Prayer

3rd Sunday Combined Worship Morning Prayer

4th Sunday Prayer Book
Morning Prayer

[5th Sunday Prayer Book Morning Prayer] 


Thursday @ 10 am  Morning Prayer followed by open-discussion Bible study.

You can access up-to-date information about Holy Trinity, sermons etc on Facebook  You dont have to be a member of Facebook to do this, but if you are, you can do things such as like and follow usYou can follow Holy Trinity on Twitter  Sermon recordings etc are available on YouTube

We offer a Sunday School:
children leave during the first part of the service and are welcomed back later; parents are welcome to accompany their children. 

Activity bags are available for children who prefer to remain in the service. 

We provide a Quiet Room looking onto the Sanctuary (with an audio link) for parents with infants.

Café Church - Taste & See,
a very informal service,
is monthly on Saturdays 4-5pm.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC, Canada,
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Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC, Canada,
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