Holy Trinity has Cell Groups which embody obedience to Christ and dependence on the Spirit through fellowship, prayer and study of the Word. Their aim is to build up the local church and to engage missionally with and in our wider community in a spirit of humility toward God and others. Cell Groups meet in different locations and offer various programmes and opportunities
What can you expect from a Cell Group?


  • Evening-meal home gatherings every two weeks where we nurture friendship with God and with each other
  • A designated facilitator who will coordinate the time of study
  • A group of  up to 6-12 people


    • A place to connect with other members of the community of Holy Trinity
    • A regular time to study God’s Word, pray for one another and the concerns of our community
    • An opportunity to grow in faith and minister to one another and the outside community 

    What can a Cell Group expect from you?

    • An initial commitment
    • Your presence, preparation and participation according to the intention of the group
    • A willingness to give and receive thought, feeling and understanding in your group
    Four Cell Ws:                                                       Five Cell Values:                                                                                     
        Welcome—getting connected                         Christ at the centre
        Worship—touching God                                   Every member participates
        Word—searching Scripture                             Learning and growing
        Witness—reaching out                                       Loving one another
                                                                                            Seeking to multiply
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