From Karl Przywala, Holy Trinity’s Rector, to all who visit our website, especially those who are looking for a church: Hello! I’d like to meet you.

For over 100 years Holy Trinity Anglican Church has proclaimed the gospel of reconciliation with God through his Son Jesus Christ.

We believe the whole of the Bible and do not try to explain it away but seek to expound it all and to apply it to the issues of real life.


If you are interested in Christianity but not yet sure about it, you will find:

  • ·         Clear biblical preaching and teaching to help you
  • ·         Services that will not insult your intelligence by dumbing things down but are accessible and engaging
  • ·         A diverse congregation of friendly people who will not force themselves on you but would like get to know you

If you are a Christian looking for a church you will find:

  • ·         Relevant and practical biblical preaching and teaching
  • ·         Opportunities to get actively involved – the big churches don’t need you, we do!
  • ·         People who are interested in you first of all, not in what you might be able to offer
  • ·         Time and attention from the Rector and other leaders if you would like that
  • ·         Children’s ministry if that is relevant to you and your family
  • ·         Reverent worship encompassing the traditional riches of Christianity
  • ·         Friends

What no-one will find:

  • ·         Pressure to give money
  • ·         Anything shallow or trendy
  • ·         Perfection

What others say about us:

  • ·         “Sunday worship was a highlight as a number of us joined Holy Trinity, Vancouver for their worship service and for a lovely lunch--it was so delicious and it is clear that in addition to their ministry of producing theological and devotional materials, this parish has a flourishing ministry of hospitality!”