You may be reading this page because a family member or friend has recently died. If this is the case, we would like to extend our condolences. As a church, we would like to pray for you and help you to know the comfort that Jesus brings.

Jesus had a close friend, Lazarus, who died. As Jesus talked with Lazaruss sisters, Mary and Martha, he spoke words of amazing power, love and comfort (John 11). Here is a link to a short video exploring how Jesus gives hope in the face of death.

A Christian funeral service can provide a fitting tribute to a persons life, be an opportunity to entrust the person into Gods care in the light of Jesus resurrection, and help with a sense of closure as we seek to move on. The churchs funeral ministry is available to all  the person who has died and mourners do not need to have been church members.

Follow this link for general information about church funerals.