The claims of Christianity are well worth investigating because if true they provide answers to life’s questions. Who am I? A child loved by God. What is offered? Forgiveness and the prospect of eternal life in God’s presence along with others who have also believed in Jesus.

Christianity, as the name suggests, is all about getting to know Jesus Christ. Christians believe that in Jesus, God displayed his love for us by coming to the world in person. Jesus lived the perfect life and was willing to be put to death on the cross for our sin. He was resurrected from death three days later, thereby heralding the opportunity of a fresh start for all.

How do we know that this is true? The answer is that no one can prove that this is the case. But the same can be said of much that we take for granted. Scientists and law courts come to conclusions based on the evidence. For Christians, the evidence points to the fact that Jesus did indeed come back from death and is alive today. Part of the evidence is the transformation in the lives of those who were eye witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection – to the extent that they were willing to be put to death rather than deny what they believed.

Christianity is most readily understood through personal experience and encounter. By accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we receive the benefits of his death and are enabled to live a new life by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church is a community of followers of Jesus who endeavour to live this new life together. In response to what God has done, we worship him by living transformed lives, seeking to put into practice Jesus’ command to love God and other people. We remember the death of Jesus at Holy Communion and celebrate his resurrection at Easter and each time we meet together, Sunday by Sunday.

We believe that God speaks to us through his Word in the Bible and so we read it as individuals, in small groups and together in Church; every Church service has a sermon which seeks to explain God’s message in the Bible and help us to apply it to our lives. And God loves to hear from us through prayer – our concerns and our thanks to him for what he has done and is doing for us. Again, we do this both as individuals and together.

If you would like to find out more about Christianity and life as part of the Church, the Rector, Karl Przywala, would be delighted to talk to you. Helping people with such matters is his primary task. Please feel free to speak to him at Church or email him at

A next step might be to think about the possibility of Confirmation – enabling entry into the Church’s sacramental life through Holy Communion. You may also find the following website links helpful:                    

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